Friday, May 23, 2008

The Grand Canyon

Friday was just our second day without a meeting since we got to Arizona. We took off and went to the beautiful Grand Canyon. It was hard to believe that when we got there it was thirty degrees and snowing! It was a vast change from the one hundred twelve degree temperatures we faced just a few days previous. We had a wonderful time hiking the rim of the canyon.


redwingsjunkie07 said...

Beautiful picture of the canyon, all you guys standing in front kind of ruins it though... ;) Seriously, I'm praying for you all and hope God uses you greatly this summer. Oh, and, Tyler, I really miss beating you in rook... :p

pianoteacher said...

This picture looks great; it could be a postcard! You guys look like you are having a blast. Keep taking lots of pictures and can't wait for you to get back.
Love and Prayers,

June McElreath said...

What an awesome picture! I am so thrilled you guys got to visit the Grand Canyon!!
Praying for you and love you!
Mark's mom

Tawnya Suertefelipe, Heather Lancaster, Krystal Clayton said...

So we know that Jon always has to be the center of attention, but come on!:)haha just joking...really cool picture ya'll! Although I think we could out do ya;)hehe Prayin for ya'll as always!
-Southeast Trio

Beasty said...

Great picture guys. I would love to see the Grand Canyon sometime...but we have our own adventures this summer ;)
Praying for you all and hope you continue to have good meetings.

Linda Rosser said...

Thanks for the video CD! I LOVED IT!!!! You guys are the greatest! Thanks so much! I am glad to have my husband home -- he really enjoyed being with you all! Hope you are doing well. Keep your eyes on Jesus and keep that good spirit you had when you left here! We miss you and pray for you everyday. We love you. "Mom" R

giallourakis said...

Great picture! That weather does sound really crazy! We're praying for you! Hope you have fun throughout CA and NV!

Stephen said...

Hey Guys, looking good on the Rim of the Grand Canyon. Wish you had the time to make it to the bottom and back out, you would have loved it.
I saw Pastor Daryl Roe at Crown Christian Publication today. He was in the TN area for a relatives graduation and was here picking up Sunday school materials. He was quite thrilled that you guys were at their church, not just once, but twice. He was praising the Lord for the blessing you guys brought to their church, especially the encouragement for the youth to live for the Lord this summer. Keep up the good work and Keep your eyes on Jesus.

Trinity Baptist said...

Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. The pictures look great! We are all praying for you and praise the Lord for the many opportunities you have been afforded already to see God work. I know God has lots more to show you before the summer is through. Enjoy yourselves! Looking forward to your safe return.